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Contra Costa County Behavioral Health-AODS


Alcohol, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs



Community Health for Asian Americans


A youth leadership and substance abuse prevention program in schools located in Richmond: DeAnza, Greenwood, El Cerrito 

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Youth Development

Positive Youth Development
Research has promoted a positive youth development models to  address' the needs of youth in Richmond who might be at risk of substance abuse.
A positive youth development model addresses the six life domains of work, education, relationships, community, health, and creativity. The two key assets needed by all youth are (1) learning/doing and (2) attaching/belonging. When the necessary supports and services are provided to assist youth, it is expected that positive outcomes will result.

Community Development/ Environmental Prevention

Environmental & Community

The  Pride & Purpose Project has a focus on the youth, but also the environment that harbors their development.  Access to marijuana within the community, through legal dispensaries, creates an environment that  leads to the potential of underage marijuana use.  The Pride & Purpose Project works with the community to not only create partnerships but to also hold providers accountable for up holding laws, policies and regulations that support health and safe use but deters use of persons under the age of 21.


Take a look inside to learn more about the effects of cannabis on the developing brain <25

Doing Homework

Learn how to start the conversation with your youth about underage cannabis consumption and other substances.


Education & Outreach

Most of our efforts pertaining to the Pride & Purpose Project involve studying new data and developing innovative ways to implement them and inform the youth and our community about the current effects cannabis has on the developing brain. We evaluate our success in this field by gathering qualitative and quantitative data, and using that information to help navigate policy change and inherent protections of our youth.

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