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Uplifted Youth

Know the Facts!

Cannabis can affect the developing brain.  As a person under the age of <21, you can alter, change and greatly impact brain by carelessly indulging in cannabis related activities.

Cannabis Can ROB YOU of.........

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How to say NO!

Often, the only reason a teenager tries drugs is because he or she doesn’t know how to say no to peers. One of the best ways to say no to drugs is to make up an excuse. Examples include saying you can’t stay or saying the drug makes you sick.

If you want to say no and help others do the same, explain to friends the dangers of drugs with simple expressions such as:

  • “Why would you do that to yourself?”

  • “You’re crazy!”

  • “That drug is so bad for you.”

  • “You can go ahead and ruin your life—I’m not ruining mine.”

You can also simply be honest. Real friends don’t put each other in these situations, and you will realize this. You can say they aren’t into a drug, and that you want to ad expect to do more with your life, and that you are  smart enough to know that doing drugs is a terrible idea. No matter how you teen decides to say no, make sure you can get the words out when needed.

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