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Start the conversation with your child about cannabis!

It is never too late or too early to start educating your youth about the harms and dangers of underage cannabis use.  There is not a one size fits all approach for the conversation but here are some tips that can help facilitate the journey.

 Just Start the Conversation

Your child may inquire with you about an experience they may have with drugs.  However, it is more  likely and even better for  you to start the conversation off first.

It can be as simple as  saying "Lets talk about....."

Mother and Daughter
Grabbing Pills

Explain: What are drugs?

Depending on the age of your child you will need to explain to them what drugs are or what is the difference between illegal and legal drugs.

At the earliest age explain to them that certain drugs are harmful to their personal development and will ultimately cause damage in all areas of their lives.

As you continue to talk to your youth as they grow start explaining the difference between drugs prescribed to them by a doctor and drugs sold on the street even by friends and associates.


Listen to your child about their concerns and or experiences with drugs. 

If your child decides to share and experience of indulgence thank them for their honesty and use the opportunity to educate but not lecture.

Tell them the truth

Share with your child truthful not exaggerated facts about what happens to their bodies and life when they use drugs and also if there is family history of addiction. 

Be clear with rules

Set your expectations and be clear.  "Make good choices tonight" may leave the door open for your child to define your boundaries.  "You can go out tonight under the agreeance you will not drink alcohol or smoke cannabis" be very clear every time!

Stay interested

Let your child know you are interested and invested in their livelihood and continue to show support to them as  they need.

Inquire about the things that they have going on and activities that they are a part of.

Every conversation with your child will not go as planned but do not let up and let them know it is because you love them.

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